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We recognize that Interconnectivity and Interactivity are the most important aspects differentiating the Internet from other media. That is why we developed concepts and technologies that allow you to deploy all your Internet and Intranet projects with these aspects in mind.

Our technology empowers organisations and individuals to share and exchange information and to collaborate with other members of their workgroup, organisation or society in order to share their knowledge and build consensus.

Internet and Intranet web applications deployed with our technology will benefit from built-in content subscription, integrated messaging, personalization, collaboration and other interactivity tools. At its core, a solid foundation for internet application development: Object-oriented database, standard Javascript programming environment and scalable mirrored or distributed server capabilities.

As an internet service provider or consultant you may provide your customers with these technology to deploy their projects to the fullest potential. As a web developer or designer you should consider joining our developer network and participating in customizing and extending the software even further.

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